The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc.

"Helping Fathers and Their Families Stay Together"

Who We Are & What We Do?

In the United States, fatherlessness is a widespread phenomenon that directly impacts our country’s future. A 2019 study of 130 countries found that we have the world’s highest rate of children living in single parent households, and nearly 25% of children who grow up without fathers live in poverty. Fatherless children often struggle with school and are more likely to encounter legal problems later in life. These children are our nation's future, and we intervene in the devastating issue of fatherlessness by championing fatherhood.

We are NSF Co. Inc., a nonprofit company also known as The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc. We strengthen families and communities by instilling fathers with a deep sense of responsibility, dedication, and engagement in their parenting. Our programs develop effective fathers by providing several forms of support, and through teaching key fatherhood skills. Please visit our Mission Statement page for further details.

We began helping fathers rebuild and maintain their bonds with their children in May of 2017, and since then, our programs, brand, and following have expanded. As we continue to grow, so too does our ability to reach fathers in need of motivation and guidance, and we pride ourselves on offering help where fathers have few resources. Currently, we serve a diverse array of communities, including communities of color that typically face hardship on multiple fronts. Fortunately, the National Saving Fatherhood Foundation's programming accounts for the intersections of social, economic, and political disenfranchisement that make effective and rewarding fatherhood more difficult to achieve. As per our Biography & History page, our CEO lived in the shadow of these barriers, and he has a very personal understanding of how they affect fathers and their families.

We run core fatherhood programs designed around delivering quality education, emotional support, and legal resources, all derived from expert research and tested methods. They include our:

Lost and Found Program: We provide the services of a private investigator to locate lost children so that they may be reunited with their responsible fathers.

Stand and Fight Program: We recognize that many fathers and families experience unequal treatment in the court system. As a result, we offer legal aid and judicial coaching services that inform, equip, and reinforce fathers that are navigating injustice.

Fatherhood Support Group: We create a safe space for fathers to discuss mutual struggles, solutions, and experiences in their road to model parenting. Through facilitated peer support and feedback, members can learn from one another.

Build-Up Program: We supply direct mentorship from exemplary fathers who teach participants the fundamental skills of parenting and coach fathers on their own paths to fatherhood.

Child Support Payment Program: We assist qualified fathers in paying a percentage of their child support. We may contribute on behalf of a father for up to three years, based on income and other relevant factors.

We provide more information about these NSF Co. programs, as well as some of our exciting upcoming programs and projects on our Programs page. The application for enrolling in our programs is also housed on this page. Please visit the Contact page if you have any questions.

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