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Who We Are & What We Do?

    We are NSF, also known as The National Saving Fatherhood program. We are a nonprofit company that helps families stay together. We believe that we must start with the father and his duties. We have the steps that are needed to help fathers across this great nation, Fathers that need help rebuilding and maintaining that bond or connection with their children. We use a strong base of education and guidelines. When we started this company/ program, it was just an idea. We founded this program in May of 2017 and since that time, we have been working on growing our company and our brand name. We also have developed and grown better resources and tools so that we can help our fathers across this great nation. We have prided ourselves on making opportunities where there are none for fathers. It is part of the mission and our goals, to fight for injustice within the laws system. So that a "Good Father" has a fair chance of being a real true father to his child/children. There is only maybe a 5% chance that a father would receive a fair just answer from the court system. What we do is take a father and show him what the system is and show him WHY is this happening to him. Then we get to work on rebuilding a better father figure. Here are some of the programs we offer here at NSF Co...  

  • We offer a lost and found program; where we gather information on your behalf, that will locate the information needed to help you in your case which we call a worldwide search and info drop.
  • We have a stand and fight program; NSF will stand with you in court and support you. We will show the judge that you are a good father beyond doubt and that you are really ready to be in your child or children's life.
  • We offer fatherhood support group; we have an online group with other fathers that maybe going through a tough time and looking for help. We have mental support for you. When you are online or in the group meetings, you will undergo a full transformation to rebuild your mind and teach you how to handle the objective that is in front of you.
  • We offer a build-up program; For young fathers that feel they may need extra help or want to change and better their fatherhood skills.
  • We offer a Child Support Payment Program; This is our number one program and this is how it works; Once you become a client and set-up your account, we assess if this program is for you. If you are placed in this program, we will collect all your information and make payments on your behalf every month. Some may only get 5% to 20% based on your income. Please read our policies and guidelines. This program is for registered clients only, not for outside users.
A Child in need of help

   Always remember NSF programs and services are here because of the children that really need a father in their life.

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