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Privacy Policy


Qualification For Services: 

1. All clients must undergo a background check.


2.  To use our scaled fee structure, you must provide: 

A. 6 months of bank statements. 

B. A copy of your lease or proof of ownership of a home. 

C. 2 forms of ID: (State photo ID, Driver’s License, or Passport.) 

D. Completion of a questionnaire designed from your background check.


3. All clients must sign a waiver stating that:

  1. They understand our Rules and guidelines.

  2. They agree to follow The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Rules and guidelines.

  3. They release The National Founding Fatherhood Foundation from liability within the constraints of the law.

4. A client must have all relevant information ready before an interview with our team. He must sign all required paperwork before he will be granted access to our programs.


Breach of our Rules and guidelines will result in a Broken Contract Fee of $800.00 being billed to clients’ accounts. If a client does not pay off his account within 60 days of the Broken Contract Fee being levied, The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation will pursue account payment in court, and the responsible client will be liable for additional court costs as well.  There will be $68.00 Consultation fee for all fatherhood planning setups. All payment must be paid in full, by (90) days or payments will be forward to our collections department.


If The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation becomes aware of any illicit, unethical client activity, we will turn over relevant information to local law enforcement for additional review and response.


The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider. We serve members of the LGBT community who identify as fathers and seek program enrollment. However, in cases where two fathers of the same child/children may show interest in our programs, we will only work with the parent that contacts us first. Through doing so, we hope to avoid any potential conflicts of interest among our clientele.

Safety and Security

Lost & Found Program:

1. The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation subcontracts its search services. All external costs are billed directly to us, which we will then post to your account, along with our payment of those services.

2. In order to protect all relevant parties, retrieved information must be given to a client’s lawyer. If the client chooses to represent himself, he must sign paperwork verifying his commitment to follow the law, act benevolently, and use information unearthed through the Lost & Found Program solely for the purposes of court proceedings.

3. If a restraining order or any other legal precedent preventing direct access to a client’s child is issued in a client’s case, said client will, without exception, need a lawyer to participate in the program.

4. This program is allotted for one-time use.


Stand & Fight Program:

1. While we provide legal guidance and paperwork assistance, we do not generally provide the services of an in-court attorney. If we deem it necessary, we will subcontract a lawyer to handle your court proceedings. The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation will provide some financial support for said lawyer with the amount varying on a case-by-case basis.


Fatherhood Support Group:

1. Though we may have licensed case workers involved in our support group, we do not guarantee that all support group sessions will include professional staffing. Rather, the program is intended to be a peer support group.

2. This program is free for clients and $20.00 for members of the public who wish to join.

3. Any personal information shared in support group sessions is confidential and should not leave the designated discussion space. If a participant breaks our confidentiality standards, they will be banned from the support group and charged a $45.00 fee for breaking our regulations. If a participant is a client and breaks our confidentiality rules, he will lose his client privileges, be charged $50.00, and be banned for either 90 days or permanently, depending on the case.

4. If any group leader is found abusing their power or violating company guidelines, please report it right away at either

5. When the group starts, members must report their attendance via the sign-in process.

6. Everyone in a group session must share their fatherhood background, describe their current circumstances in life, and explain how they came to be there. Participants are expected to discuss ways that they would like to improve in order to begin setting goals and planning strategies.

7. Everyone in group sessions must be respectful of the others' time, opinions, and beliefs expressed during personal narrative sharing. Faith-based language should be used by individuals for their own fatherhood progress, not for the purposes of spreading their beliefs to others. Respect others’ diverse faiths and spiritualities.

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