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Our Mission Statement & Goals

    At The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation, it is our mission, and thus our NSF Co. Mission Statement, to strengthen families and communities by instilling fathers with a deep sense of responsibility, dedication, and engagement in their parenting. Our programs aim to develop effective fathers by providing several forms of support, and through teaching key fatherhood skills.



A few of our goals include:


  • Providing fathers with the support they need in managing the various stresses of fatherhood. Fathers can benefit from the support of each other, as well as from resiliency training so that the day-to-day strains of fatherhood do not lead fathers to burnout and do not affect their families as a result.


  • Stabilizing fathers’ finances to foster long-term financial security. Individuals struggling with fatherhood often face the twin barriers of crushingly large child support payments and the expectation that they demonstrate monetary responsibility as a condition for seeing their children.


  • Educating fathers in what it means to be a quality, responsible father. Many fathers struggle because they do not possess a clear understanding of what roles and functions they must perform as fathers. In many cases, fathers do not have access to resources for acquiring such information.


  • Developing fathers’ commitment to fatherhood and their surrounding neighborhoods by nurturing a sense of pride and community engagement. Fathers can more easily navigate many fatherhood issues when they know their rights as fathers, and a part of gaining that knowledge involves building an appreciation for the civic duties and systems from which those rights emerge.


  • Cultivating fathers’ own goals, setting long-term plans, and balancing those goals and plans with fathers’ responsibilities. Creating balance ensures that fathers feel that they can still work toward their own betterment along with their responsibilities to their families and communities. Fatherhood involves a lifelong commitment, but it is important that fathers make room for their individual aspirations so that they don’t lose sight of the joys of fatherhood and fall into the trap of avoiding their responsibilities out of fear of losing themselves.


Ultimately, we view fathers as critical to the well-being of their families and their communities. As data consistently shows, the presence of fathers in their children’s homes generates direct benefits across a broad range of social, economic, cultural, and political outcomes in children’s lives. Data also show that boys who grow up fatherless are statistically more likely to be absent from their own children’s homes later in life, meaning that fatherlessness is a generational cycle that needs to end. Our mission statement and our aforementioned goals are not just about fathers. They are not just about families. They are not just about communities. Our mission and our goals are about the next generation that will lead us into the future.



-Thank You,

N.S.F. Co. Inc.

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