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Terms of Use

All new clients undergo a full background check to determine program eligibility. We share all findings with said clients, and results are confidential unless otherwise directed by a client or mandated by applicable state and federal law. There will be a $68.00 Consultation fee for all fatherhood planning setups. This program is set up for fathers who are having issues with child custody or family legal issues dealing with child custody. We are a 501c3 Organization that is registered with the IRS and the State of Maine Secretary of State's office. All ethical practices are in place for the safety of you some potential clients or individuals would like to use our service. No information will be given out to any third party without the proper paperwork or process through our legal department. All financial payments will reflect your stability and encouragement of wanting to be better. This program is designed only to be used by those who go through a process of step-by-step. That is willing to follow the instructions rules and guidelines as stated in our policies and procedures. We only work to help and not to hurt, under these terms and conditions. Opt. in  by Agreeing to text reminders of appointments, Booking apointment and anything that has to NSF Co. and that, NO 3rd parties will access to any information without your promition. Data 7 Message rate may be applied. You can Opt. out at any time by reappling "N" or"STOP".

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