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Build-Up Program

We match up older fathers there are seasoned or well-equipped with understanding the ins and outs of fatherhood. Younger fathers who are just starting out as a father or looking for that little space or safe space, to express their feelings with discomfort about fatherhood issues. Seeing that a lot of us don't have fathers or our father was imprisoned in today's society. We provide a safe space for these fathers to get some guidance that they deserve or need The matchup is based on applications from both parties or volunteers from our senior community. Each father will have to go through a questionnaire and understand that this is not a replacement for his biological father. But, this is more of a friendship growing into something that is great in a community-based setting.

What We Offer with this program


Senior Fatherhood volunteers:

We look across the nation with our veterans, our older generation and ask how they did it. How did they make it pass so much and still be able to be considered a good father. How did they maintain their position in the household and not let it get destructive. How did they keep their marriage together for so long. These questions are asked everyday from today's fathers and some say they have the answers. Answer is "NO" they do not have the answer.

  So we reach out to our senior citizens and their communities to ask for help and give them still a sense of purpose. To allow them to help the next generation become better.


101 fatherhood time:

Once you've matched with your father or older member. You will be set up on a visit. By online or face-to-face time. Build a rapport with that senior father and allow yourself to grow a bond. This will enable you to learn how to understand the connection between you and your child you will have currently. It will also give you insight and envision a longer term of marriage and a better relationship for you and your spouse.

   All appointments are ranged through The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation and your Fatherhood caseworker


Being a father to our community:

​ As a senior for a graduating member of our programs. You will be invited or ash to aid another father through his troubles. We call that paying it forward. You are not just a father biologically, but you are a father in a social community as well. And that is a big responsibility within itself. This will allow your community to be in a safer place as well. And you will create a safe environment for your children to grow up in.


New fatherhood program:

So! You just got married and you have a child or children on the way. But you don't know what to do and your father's not around to give you all the answers. That's where we come in. This program is designed especially for you! The young father that maybe feels a little bit overwhelmed or confused. You might even feel just a little bit angry, confused and misdirected. Some of you might even want to quit being married or being a father. Think that's the easy way out, but that is not the easy way out. The true easy way is to stick your nose right into the book and use this kind of program to age you in your development of being a good father, a good husband, and a better man.


Going back to class:

Part of your fatherhood training or education will entail books, practicing, and studying different fatherhood techniques throughout the years. Sometimes you will have to go on what we call, "Fatherhood Camping Trips." This allows you to practice, what you have learned and maybe be able to use it in your life. You be given books to help you and your Senior fatherhood member will help guide you and see what he thinks could be best for you. Now, that is only under advisement and not a directive. The program is only allowed to age you and comfort you through the Times that might seem difficult for you. Its development and purpose is to help you have a safe space, so you can become the father you should be.


Fatherhood graduation:

​ So you been with the National Saving Fatherhood Foundation program for maybe 6 months or more. You have done your studies and your partner sees you as a better man. Your children are growing up great in your finances cannot look any better. It's time for you to graduate you will receive a diploma and a certificate of completion of our program. Also, you will receive a money order, that is certified for $150 cash. This will show that your investment into yourself has paid off.

My name is C. Atwater, and i was Form a client of the National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc. I was lost because I just lost costing my daughter and I was dealing with a drug addiction. But I wanted to get back on my feet and have my daughter back in my life. Thanks to the programs from this organization I was able to gain custody of my child and be able to be the father I know I can truly be for my daughter.

Robb Walters

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