The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc.

"Helping Fathers and Their Families Stay Together"

These are the rules and guidelines, for our programs. Also, some of the terms & policies to use our programs. All clients and people that use our services, must sign a contract and a waiver stating they understand our rules and guidelines. Ann will follow the rules that are set by The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc./ (NSF Co.) and will not go against them. If any of these are broken, we will charge a broken contract fee of $800.00 to your account and if not paid within 60 days. We will take court action and all court costs will charge you plus the original fee of $800.00. If any foul play is found or some underhanded business found. All information will be turned over to the FBI and the local Police department. A charge will be made against you and anyone involved. 

Our Legal Status: 

 Please remember, that National Saving Fatherhood/ (NSF Co.) is a nonprofit company and only works off donation and financial contributions. We do not run off loans or anything else. We are a 501c (3) company and yes, we do sell goods. For the only purpose to raise money for the support of teams and department. We do post all spending every (6) Month to our clients and supports, in our NSF Newsletter. By mail or line. Our financial team meets every three months over all the books and other financial obligations. 

Qualification For Services: 

 All clients must go through a background check and a history background check. To use our services. You must pay a $200.00 one-time fee. We do have a sliding scale one-time fee program as well. To do the sliding scale program you must have these things: 

  1. Bank statements for the past 6 months. 
  2. A copy of your lease or proof of ownership of a home. 
  3. (2) forms of ID: (State photo ID or Drivers lic., SSN card or passport.) 
  4. You will do an NSF Question Air. (which will be made off your history and background.) 

Program's terms & programs policies 

 We have a lost and found program; that will do a worldwide search and info drop. The National Saving Fatherhood program(s) does subcontract its sources. And any cost that will be brought to NSF Co. Will be paid by NSF Co. And posted to your account. No, charges will be to you the client or service user. We will show you the client or user photo, but not the address. If you are representing, you are self in this case. You must sign a waiver of intent. Showing what your intent with said information and They sign a promised to do no harm paperwork. They will also agree to, not violate any laws with said information given. Any information given is only for the sole purpose retrievable of I said client's child location. Any information to be used is only for information purposes of the court or to serve papers. (a1) If a restraining order is issued in your case, you will not see this information and it will be given to an attorney or lawyer. (a2) No client shall not have access to any information. If there is a legal president that is it is said, you are not to have contact with the said suspect.  

 This program here is only allowed one-time after the child or children are found and cannot be used again, for any other reason. You have any information ready, before your first interview with our team. You also must sign all paperwork and given all information over to our team before you can use our services. This is a disclaimer for all our services.  



We have a stand and fight program; NSF will stand within the court and support you. will show the judge and you are a good father. The National Saving Fatherhood program is not a law firm and we are not acting as a lawyer. What we will do for you is: 

  • Look up laws that can help you in your case. We will show you the best strategies Ann approach to win your case. 
  • We will come to court with and coach you along. We tell you what to say and the right way to say it.  
  • We will educate you Ann shows you proper etiquette, how to dress, the proper way to approach a judge, how to be heard in the courtroom. 
  • If you do need a full lawyer for your case, we will subcontract someone to help you along. Ann NSF will pay part of it or All of it. Which depends on a case-by-case situation. 
  • if needed we will assist you with contact information, obtain a divorce lawyer. Ann will pay up to 10% to 15% of opening costs or retainers. (You must qualify to use this part of the service.) See Qualification For Services: 

You have any information ready, that is needed to use this program, before your first interview with our team. You also must sign all paperwork and given all information over to our team before you can use our services. This is a disclaimer for all our services. 


We offer a fatherhood support group; We have an online group with other fathers. That may be going through a tuff time and look for help. We have meatal support for you. When you are online or in the group meeting. They are not licensed psychiatrists or therapists, we do have some that, works with our team time and time again. But our customer service is not part of that field. What we do hand out commentary or advisement over the phone or from our customer service department. We try to have support meetings At least twice a month. (b1) This program is free for clients only. (b2) If you are using you can pay a $20.00 fee, to join our meetings. All information given in these meetings is to stay confidential within the group and to tell anyone what said, within said. If we found out that violating these rules you will be banned. Then charged $45.00 for breaking code fee. If you are a client and do this, you will lose your client privileges and will be charged $50.00 to your account. Then banded for (90) days or banned for good. (b2c) If any group leader is found abusing their power or violating company guideline, Please report it right away, to our main office: or call us 1.800.903.2096 Ext.1. 

Group Rules & Guidelines: 

  • When the group starts, you must sign-in or put your hand up. Then wait for the group leader to do the opening of the group. The group leader is the one in charge of the meeting and the one that files any reports needed. They also have the power to Ban and remove from the group. See (b2c) for more information. 
  • Everyone in the group must tell their story and how they came to this level of living. Also, must tell at lease (5) things about themselves, that they need to change or what they love about themselves. 
  • Everyone in the group gets (5) Mins. To talk.  
  • Everyone in Group must be respectful of the others' time and what they are saying. 
  • You must respect everyone in a group's religion or beliefs. Even if you have a conflict of what they are stating, it is their time to speak, let them speak.  
  • No one is to force or push their beliefs on anyone in the group. You can talk about your faith, but you cannot use language that is forced. Faith-based language is only allowed to be used to draw from or help you in your journey to grow as a father. 
  • Please remember that we are a Faith-based company and we do not hold any faith higher, than any other. Remember your faith is your own and maybe not of the others in the group. Please respect that, Thank You! 

Please Have any information needed ready, to use this program, before your first interview with our team? You also must sign all paperwork and given all information over to our team before you can use our services. This is a disclaimer for all our services. 

We offer a build-up program; That is for your young father or father's that feel they may need extra help. Or wanting to change and better their fatherhood skills. How this program works, is that have every month or every two weeks, we have online classes. Going over tips and rules of fatherhood. We will set down with you and show how you can be a great father and how to be ready for what can come up next for you as enter each stage of fatherhood. Will find books and show you how to keep your family strong in tuff times. Some of the stuff we will be talking is: 

  • Money and Finance: We will show you how to ready for a child and what you should do before you put that ring on. We also show how money, you put away and where to put. We show how to have back-up cash always ready. “Disclaimers” we are not financial advisors or financial specialist. 
  • How To Handle Stress: We will go oversteps, how to handle the stress of fatherhood. We will conduct exercises showing you step by step to relieve the stress that you face day-to-day. We give out work out information. Along with tools and health information. 

Have any information ready, that is needed to use this program, before your first interview with our team. You also must sign all paperwork and given all information over to our team before you can use our services. This is also a disclaimer for qualifications of use all our services, which will maybe implied to your service package.

These are sample test questions. To see what kind of question you may have in your question packet. So, please answer the test questions. To see if you may qualify for our services.