The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc.

"Helping Fathers and Their Families Stay Together"


Meet The Team That Is Working For You!

We work hard for everyone we help and need our help. We push our field and skills to the breaking point so we also get the results you need. That's not just our mission but our major goal at the National Saving Fatherhood foundation.

Brother Alfred - CEO & Founder

Meet Our Board Of Directors (DOB)

We are always growing to build better services, for you.

Alfred Abdullah

Brother Alfred is the CEO & founder. The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation. He handles the Day-to-day business of the foundation and programs.

Tanah Khadeejah Nalweyiso

Treasurer & Money Director
Ms. Khadeejah is in charge of the Treasury Department for our organization. She handles all financial matters for the foundation. 

Lynn Witham

H.R. / Storefront 
As a Human Resources Director, It is there job to handle all personal resources. Also to handle the day-to-day business. Dealing with the field and office workers. There also the ones who appoints new personal.

Malcom J. 

P.R. & Marketing / Radio Station Director
The Public Relations Department handles the all information coming in and out of the foundation. They handle press, online media and any information need to be handed our to the people. The Marketing Department handles the look and the goals of the foundation and pushes the foundations agenda by marketing the look, the feel and the concept of the foundation. As Radio Station Director, It there job to handle all programing and shows. Also to look and sign new talent for the station.

Jarron E. Clark

Fatherhood Mental Support Director & CEO.
Handles all medical and group support  meetings and events dealing with counseling. Setting up appointments for one-on-one or case manager meetings. They are also responsible upholding national company CDC & company guidelines.

Meet Our Board Of Directors (DOB)

We are always growing to build better services, for you.

Justine J. Aliakum

Legal Department / P.I. Dep.
You will handle all legal matters for the foundation needs. (1) You will educate and teach all clients the proper legal language need for their cases and help them with their research on the laws that will help their case. (2) You will teach proper court protocol to clients that need it. We do not offer these services to clients that do not need department services. (3) You will outsource all divorce cases to and summit all case information need to them. (4) You will oversee the Private Investigation Department (PID) with all client’s information. This department is part of the Legal department. You are updated all clients of their progress every two week(s) or once a month. (5) You are to communicate any information with each client’s caseworker and to keep all caseworkers up to date, with any new information. That is dealing with their clients. (6) You are “NOT” act as a client’s lawyer, in any way. You are “NOT” to talk to any judges or files any paperwork for any clients. It is you job to only activities our clients need. You are a teacher of local, state and federal law, that is all. (7) You are also to update and advise on all contracts laws dealing with the foundations dealings and the Radio station needs. You will have the power to change any contract to fit the client, the foundation and the Radio Station.

Hasan El-Amin

VP CEO/ Owner
He will be in charge of the day-to-day actions of the radio station and online program.