The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc.

"Helping Fathers and Their Families Stay Together"

NSF Co. Mission Statement

The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation program is a program that helps families stay together. It is our goal and our mission, to help rebuild fathers to stay in their child/children's life. It is our goal keep fathers on the right track and the right path. It is our mission to help build a better community and a better nation. To do this we must start with the father by rebuilding his:

  • Mental process stronger and having the ability to handle stress. Able to handle the day-to-day family duties. We are building once ability to have hope and to teach to have more strengths within oneself.
  • Financial abilities and able show financially securities. Able to show how to be financially secure. Also, able to pass on financial securities to their children A show a stable financial Environment.
  • Understanding and able to know one's responsibilities. Also, to have a better understanding of what a father job is a how to respond too main issues and responsibilities.
  • Understanding and duties that they are responsible for within communities. Also, to make them more responsible or active in their local community.
  • Life plan and goals, by helping him what it takes to being a “Good Father.”
  • Sources of the information and greater understanding of the laws and rules within their state and community. By educating and supplying a great source of information. Also, able to have the latest resources available for support and if needed, with their duties as a father.

We believe that to build a great nation, we must start with the Father. For it is the father’s job and duties to show a child, how to handle the stress of the world. It is the fathers' job to show a child how to not just be strong, but how to be a leader among their prospective communities. We believe that it is our mission to uplift that man, so he can go out and uplift that woman that is lost in his community and be a light for that woman, himself, and his family. We also believe in strong education and strong guidelines; to help us curve the national rate of father in children’s lives. By education and rebuilding a person's actions and better way of thinking. It is our goal and our mission to fight injustice within the court system and the law, dealing with fatherhood and custody issues. -Thank You,

N.S.F. Co. Inc.