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Get to Know Us

  Our marketing department has some of the best volunteers in the nation. Given their time to help push the Agenda of equality and strengthen the family dynamic.


  The marketing department is responsible for promoting and educating the people. And the social masses about the importance of fatherhood. And help with the understanding of the purpose of a father, the true natural purpose of a father. By setting up marketing campaigns and accumulating funds. Acquiring donations through advertising and setting up donation drives, online, TV, or Radio. Is the marketing department's responsibility to gather weather-tracking information, within financial parameters. Track sales incoming and outgoing. Also, track trends and other going marketable avenues. Get the project and its mission under its department. The Board of Directors Department of marketing and advertisement. A day-to-day quarterly report of the statistics and effectiveness of all campaigns nationwide.

   The marketing department is also in charge of the IT and web development projects. Controlling in developing marketing campaigns through our portals and information acts. This will allow you, to aid with our underlying goal of family unity and Structural bonding movement. Marketing will be in charge of also maintaining social communications, in a social marketing world. You will be in charge of producing and maintaining all social media platforms and updating any social events. Find or offline programming. that means, Facebook, Instagram, etc...

   You will be obligated to maintain and make a presence at all board meetings and to give a current report on the effects. On how well we are doing with our presence of the organization in the digital market.

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