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   Handles all legal matters for the (Foundation's/ Organization's) needs. You will be in charge of representing the organization/ Foundation in all legal matters, as his attorney or legal advisor. Now this is determined by your legal capabilities and level of litigation law.


(1) You will be in charge of educating your client on how the law works, teaching all clients the proper legal language needed for their case or cases. Help them with their research on the laws that will help their case. Show them what books to read and what website to go to as well.   (a.) It Is not your job to be a lawyer representing in the courtroom, but to be an educator of the law. (b) Though you are not to represent the client as a straightforward attorney or be a physical presence of an attorney in the courtroom. You can take that client on as a personal client, under subsection b clause. (b.1.) In this case, you will have to set an arrangement for a separate contract between you and that client. Under your law form laws and policy. This would be considered a separate matter and the foundation will have no involvement on that level. The client will have to pay you and your firm the normal cost or sliding scale, if available.

(2) You will teach proper court protocol to clients who need it. We do not offer these services to clients that do not need department services. This would mean educating clients on what judges look for and what judges see, as compelling them to sway toward the client's way of thinking. Or see the client as a stable individual and responsible person in society.

(3) You will outsource all divorce cases to and submit all case information needed to them. They are a subcontractor foundation at a discounted rate for filing proper paperwork. They are not part of the organization/ Foundation at all. (a.3) If you are willing to file the paperwork yourself and have the capability and time. You are allowed to do so and do not have to use at all. All people must be sent in properly in a timely manner and with prestige representation of the client. And the client's needs.

(4) You will oversee the Private Investigation Department (PID) with all client’s information. This department is part of the Legal department. You update all clients on their progress every two week(s) or once a month. You will be in charge of being in tune, with the needs of the law and abstaining from allowing any PI Or detective to violate any parties, on both sides of the table rights. (a,4) Any violations of any ordinance of responsibility will cause immediate dismissal from the board of directors and loss of position within the organization/ foundation. All ethical guidelines must be upheld to the prestige level of the National Saving Fatherhood Foundation and its members of the board of directors.

(5) You are to communicate any information with each client’s caseworker and to keep all caseworkers up to date, with any new information. That is dealing with their client's case. you are not to give out any private information or violate any code of legal ethics. On both sides of the table. Any private information Like addresses , personal phone numbers, and personal information is considered a violation of privacy acts or constitutional privacy acts, etc. 

(6) You are “NOT” acting as a client’s lawyer, in any way. You are “NOT” to talk to any judges or file any paperwork for any clients. It is your job to only activities our clients need. You are a TEACHER of local, state, and federal law, that is all. Also, a teacher of protocol, legal language, and teaching of Research of information.

(7) You also have the ability to advise on all contract legal dealing with the foundation's dealings. You will have the power to change any contract to fit the client, and the foundation needs.

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