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Legal Writer

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Lewiston, ME, USA

Job Type

Legal Writer


At home and office

About the Role

This job entails that you are able and willing to learn. The job is helping our organization formulate a proclamation or a bill to be submitted to the city and the state of Maine. This job went until you are helping write the information and researching facts. You will be in charge of helping describe and edit legal language. You will be in charge of processing information as you research it and spending time in the local library or law library. This information will be exclusive, and you will have to sign a confidential clause form.


We are looking for a paralegal student or fully licensed paralegal, that has passed the bar in the state of Maine. You must be able to speak fully legalese language and interpret law books. You must be able to format and establish new language which is a requirement for this task. This is a temporary position, with a full-time position option at the end of the task. Must be able to come up and format budget.

  1. Able to stablish new legal language.

  2. Able to format a budget for a bill of law.

  3. Able to type and take dictation.

  4. Must have your own transport and have access to internet.

About the Company

We are NSF Co. Inc., a nonprofit company also known as The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc. We strengthen families and communities by instilling fathers with a deep sense of responsibility, dedication, and engagement in their parenting. Our programs develop effective fathers by providing several forms of support, and through teaching key fatherhood skills.

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