The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc.

"Helping Fathers and Their Families Stay Together"

Every day, the National Saving Fatherhood Foundation expands in new and exciting ways. As a result, we also need to develop our team by hiring diverse individuals who are dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate, and resourceful so that we have the staff to sustain our growth. Our team constitutes the backbone of our organization by making sure that we support each other and by directly providing our clients with the exceptional service and assistance that we pride ourselves on.

We have several positions that we hire for on a rolling basis. Many of our roles are remote, and duties can be fulfilled from any location in the United States. Positions are hourly unless otherwise noted. Please contact with any questions about joining our team.

Hotline & Customer Service Operators - $14.50/Hour

Sales & Marketing Team Members - $12.00/Hour

Medical & Support Team Directors - $18.00/Hour

IT & Program Directors - $15.00/Hour

Payroll & Finance Directors - $17.50/Hour

In-House CPA & Auditing Account Managers - $19.00/Hour (Part Time)

Human Resources Team Members - $15.45/Hour

Caseworker Team Members - $19.00/Hour (Potential Income Boost)

We are looking for licensed, empathetic caseworkers who can carry out their duties with the utmost integrity and respect for client confidentiality. Caseworkers meet with clients by phone, video, or in person, as they deem appropriate. Travel expenses and car insurance are covered costs.

In-House Grant Writers & Fundraisers - $19.00/Hour (Part Time), (Potential Income Boost)

We are hiring people with excellent research and writing skills for fundraising and grant writing. Team members are responsible for finding funding sources, and then justifying funds being awarded to NSF through formal applications, informal meetings, outreach, and other means. Team members are also in charge of following up with donors and managing all expectations that may be attached to awarded grants. The ability to apply previous experience in program planning and budgeting to the details written into funding applications is a plus.

Legal Team Members - Pay Rate Issued with Job Offer (Potential Income Boost)

Members of our legal team work directly with our clients on fatherhood litigation. Given the nature of the issues we deal with, we prefer that our legal experts have experience in family law. Legal team members prepare documents and forms for our clients, they coach our clients in relevant courtroom etiquette, and they provide clients with all necessary information pertaining to the laws impacting their case.