The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc.

"Helping Fathers and Their Families Stay Together"

NSF Co. meeting terms & guidelines

  The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation and its programs, value all of our workers, supporters and Volunteers. So, in this dark times we are facing across this great nation and in the world. We are always working to you safe and our clients safe, as well. To follow with in the guideline of our CDC and our nations health department. We have put these guidelines in place. For your safety and for ours.

 -Thank you. Mgt.

Home Office Working Terms:

  We are a mobile foundation and your house or car is your office. WE are asking all office personnel or anyone entering a office space.  We ask you if you are working from your car, to wipe down your car before every meet, when you are going meet a client face-to-face every-time. If you are working from home and need to send it a file, we ask you to send it by email, not by snail mail. If the client doesn't have email or Internet, please call your head agent in charge of your state, for answers. All case workers are to wear mask at all office face-to-face meeting. "New Update" As of May 1, 2021 if any employee's or workers for NSF Co. needs a day off from work to get tested or get their COVID-19 shoot. They will be paid for that day off.

 "New Update" As of June 1, 2021 at 12:30 PM and by the CDC guidelines and rules. If you have had your shoot and have your proof of being vaccinated or have your card. You are no longer required to wear a mask. But, it is our company rules that any face-to-face contact, must be screen before any contact will be made. So, please check any clients vaccinated cards first, by taking a picture for your records and files of that client. Also if the client would like to see you the caseworkers vaccinated card, please show its to them. "ONLY IF THEY ASK!"

  All NSF Group meeting will have limit of 6 to 8 per-class or a half face-to-face and online classes, until further notice.

   All office meeting are to be conducted 6" feet apart seating plans. For office events we must follow your states rules and guidelines, regarding social distancing. Please, please, really try to not to touch your face and wash your hands, for about a minute. When you are washing your hands, please to Turkish hand washing technique. If you don't know we have a video, that all employee's must watch to keep there jobs. An your manager must send in a NSF CDC health form (A1), showing that you have watched this video.

Case Worker & Client Meetings:

The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation and programs. Value our all our staff and helper in this fight to make a better life for our clients. But, in this fight for a healthier and safer you. When you are out in the field. We ask you to always wear a mask, at all your clients meeting. As a NSF case worker or field-worker, you must control your meetings with your clients that you have. So, you are to have your meeting at a house or a apartment building. Please sit 6" feet apart, if you can. If have paperwork that need's to be signed or handed to the client, please place it on a table or counter. Please do not touch the client, at anytime. Social Distancing is a must and must be enforced at all times. If the client start to feel uncomfortable at anytime regarding you where a mask or you keeping your distance. Just tell the client, "I'm sorry for making uncomfortable, but do to CDC and our local health department. I must follow these rules and guidelines. I hope you do understand, Thank you." If you still have a problems with the client, about this. Please call your head office manager, for more information.

  If you are meeting a client in a meeting place like a store, a Mall or a restaurant. Please check the location you are meeting at before you meet there. Research the location and see what are the rules of that location, before you get there. Please get there (5) Minutes before the client and wash your and keep your mask on during the whole meeting. I know some of these things may seem crazy to you, but these rules and guidelines are here to protect you and your clients health.


  These are the things or tools you must have, with you. To do your meeting the right way:

  1.  Your PPE mask
  2. Wash your hands as much possible
  3.  Your hand sanitizer
  4. Napkins or paper towels
  5. Gloves
  6. A small bottle of hand soap
  7. Pen and paper
  8. An most of all, always have an exit plan before you have any meeting.

   "Also remember our life work and goals are in your hands and our clients are our family. You are part of that family and we all want to keep our families safe. So, be safe out there and take care."

This page will be updated every two weeks, with the latest CDC guidelines and policies. 06/05/2021 last updated