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Fatherhood Support Groups

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                                                                                                                        We lead an online meetings class, where fathers have the chance to connect with one another. Accessible from anywhere with reliable internet connectivity, these groups foster a safe discussion environment for fathers to share their experiences and learn from one another. Each father can unburden himself of unhealthy emotions in a way that is both productive and can be validated by others who share similar difficulties. By openly exploring these struggles with their peers, fathers are less likely to repress issues that they must confront in order to become model parents. Meeting groups grow together by discussing effective strategies for dealing with their emotions and for approaching problems. Additionally, group activities such as brainstorming help fathers draw on their collective wisdom for their collective benefit. Facilitators lead fathers through exercises in identifying and prioritizing their values and responsibilities. Ultimately, our support group changes the way that participants think about being a father, showing them that fatherhood is an incredible opportunity to nurture an irreplaceable bond with their children.


  We now are offering LIVE one-on-one classes and LIVE support groups in some states. All classes come with and can solve some of most issues that come with being a father. It's just like our online classes but with food and drinks. We have to stop just talking about it and start talking and doing something good for all of us. 


  All classes are about one hour to an hour and a half, with a little bit of overtime for some fun, that we like to have. We take you and just bring the best of you out. All national classes are directed by our National Fatherhood coaches, Mr. Clark & and Mr. El-Amin...

 Where we go over and make your fatherhood plan and life goals together, then find the best make it come to a reality.

Fatherhood Support Class
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