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Magazine photographer

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Home office and abroad. Will have own studio given to them later on will obtain full office studio.

About the Role

It is your job in position to take Photos and design layouts. It is also your responsibility to discuss possible leads in photography stories. Is your responsibility as well to upload photos and discuss layouts.


This requires a 1099 form and this is not W-2 form job. Your job will be to take photography pictures of scenes for stories and the ability to look at a image and bring out the best of that image. Must have reliable transportation and able to go to any story needed. Must be able to have the processing of photos and upload photos to websites. Must be able to handle art design IT formats. Work within web design and able to follow directions. Job officer who requires you for recording statements for stories and absent reporters assistant.

About the Company

We are the national saving fatherhood foundation incorporated. This is our leg program for the purpose of information and marketing. Designs for fundraising and supporting others in the Fatherhood community. A magazine is designed and coordinated with many other resources from across the globe..

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