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Hotline & Customer Service Operators

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Job Type

Full Time / Partr-time



About the Role

Just job entails a 24/7 operator service. Aiding fathers that are in mental stress or about to commit something heinous or horrendous. Intel's you will have to know the psychological tales and signs. Distinguishing between good behavior and bad behavior. This job entails that you are able to communicate properly and calmly. Offering a safe space, safe voice as you communicate with the potential client or father on the phone. You will be able to help aid or even save a life. Must have some psychological training in psychology. Must be able to communicate properly to the proper authorities on a 3rd party line. What's the intention to communicate in the sense of able to send help to the current location of said potential client. This job intends, for you to work a 8-hour shift. This will be a remote job or a in person job, based on your location and availability.


  • Must have a basic understanding of psychology. Must have a least one to two years of psychological training. A basics of associates degree or higher.

  • Must have attended college for At least two years or more.

  • Must able to think on your feet and outside the box. Must also respect others religious beliefs and personal beliefs. And think in the sense of non biased or personal involvement or use personal emotions.

  • Must be able to support and understand our mission statement. Must be able to sympathize or agree to abide by our policies and rules.

  • Willing to take polygraph and testing.

  • Willing to take notes or shorthand. Must be able to type 35 words per minute. Also, must be able to take and pass a typing test. Along with a psychological evaluation testing. To qualify for position.

About the Company

Every day, the National Saving Fatherhood Foundation expands in new and exciting ways. As a result, we also need to develop our team by hiring diverse individuals who are dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate, and resourceful so that we have the staff to sustain our growth. Our team constitutes the backbone of our organization by making sure that we support each other and by directly providing our clients with the exceptional service and assistance that we pride ourselves on.

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