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Doc-In Program

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Mental Health                                                Medical Physician                                                       Physical Fitness

           With the ongoing mental health crisis and the Medical crisis. We here at The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation. We are doing our part In the fighting for mental health and have strong providers, so that we can be the adequate and proper parents we need to be for our children. So, in our yearly meeting and open forum. We talked about Activating our program called, Doc in program. This program allows doctors and physicians to make house calls or online visits under the supervision in guidance of a licensed therapist or physician. The valuation needed to show mental stability and physical health or at the proper levels needed to maintain parental control. Each doctor will be customized to your situation and will be separate or inclusive to your primary doctors outside the program. It is the duty and responsibility of your fatherhood caseworker To assess that you need the service. This program is in the process of growing and allowing the time to develop the full details of the program.


           Currently, we are in the process of obtaining proper certification, so that we can use a Medicare or Medicaid payment for your admittance into our program and this service. Once applications are processed and information is verified. Be able to access a list of doctors nationwide, that will assist you with your fatherhood plan and work along with your fatherhood case worker. In 2023 we have activated this program. Which was voted into activation on August 26 2000 and 23 at 4:45 PM.

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