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Alfred's Family History

Come & read the Bio & History on The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation see how we gotten start and where the idea came from. So let us begin:

On September 22, 1977 Thursday morning, Alfred B. Green was born to Ophelia Wheeler and Fredrick S. Green. That was definitely a memorable day. Alfred was a unique child and his family learned this immediately. Alfred was a naughty boy full of mischief. He always got into trouble with his mother. His mother Ophelia worked two jobs to support her three children. Stacy, Brenda and Baby Alfred. Ophelia wanted a place where her children can have a great education and great life so she started her family life in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

Alfred's Father Fredrick Green lived in Brockton, Massachusetts. Alfred's father was not present in their household for years. Sadly, Alfred's father was not a faithful partner and those infidelities created tension and separation with Ophelia. Fredrick was a rolling stone. Fredrick alleged that Ophelia had eyes for another man who was Stacy's father, Alfred's sister. Alfred's parents fought for year about this before Alfred's eyes. Alfred picked up this toxic behavior being a child at an impressionable age and thought this was normal. They would fight in Alfred's face, in court and sometimes the streets.

 Time passed by and Alfred grew up without a father. The pain of not having a father in the house was deeply rooted. Alfred started acting out in front of everyone. Family and friends witnessed this too. It got to a point where no adult was willing to babysit Alfred. The family concluded that there was something mentally wrong with Alfred. You can now understand the gross negative impact of not having a father in a home.

  As Alfred started to go to school, he had trouble making friends and his mother tried to set up playdates, take him to the family get togethers but he always felt out of place. This psychologically affected Alfred. He had no friends and family did not make him feel loved and understood. He had no father figure to guide him. His sisters lived out of home most of his life and his big older brother was in the US Air force and was out of physical reach until many years later. Alfred's mom Ophelia labored to find someone to help her son. She signed Alfred up for the Big brother's and Sister's program but there was a waiting list. Plus, Alfred's father didn't like idea which escalated to another big fight. She successfully signed him up for the Boy Scouts which Alfred loved every much.Alfred's mindset started to grow in a field of knowledge. He had a passion to start his own business just like his father did. Alfred's father was a TV repair professional and also the first Black TV repair man in Boston, Massachusetts located at Blue Hill Ave. He listened to his father tell him stories about Malcom X and Muhammad Ali coming to his store. Alfred's father spoke about his experiences when he traveled to Africa. These stories mesmerized Alfred. He learned about his true history. His father taught him about the black man and how his ancestral lineage was from Kings and Queens.Alfred started to open his eyes and see the world from a new view point. 

  Alfred loved watching tv and movies all the time and that hobby became his friend and family. The situation got worse to an extent that Alfred would go family cookouts and instead of bonding with the family, Alfred would hang out in solitude just watching TV. With his dad being outside the home coupled with only seeing him over the weekends, Alfred had a void that needed to be filled. Alfred's troubles in school, his stressful life and the big void of having no father prohibited Alfred from focusing in the classroom. So his teachers assessed him with a learning disability and that label became a permanent imprint on his life. Alfred tried to  find his place in the world from early childhood to late teenage age. Alfred wanted to follow in his father and brother's footsteps but all was in vain. A month later Alfred got into some trouble with some kids in Brockton. They wanted a violent altercation so he went to fight them and along the way, He met a man on the street who was holding a newspaper. The man asked Alfred a question, "What's wrong?" Alfred said " my life sucks and my dream to join the Army did not happen plus the kids who supposed to be my friends want to kill me" Then the man said "Brother the black man does not belong in the white man Army."  Alfred looked at him and asked what do mean by that? He then asked "Why would you want to work as a slave for a slave master?" Alfred responded that "I'm not a slave" The man said "Yes you are, wake-up!! He handed Alfred his Newspaper and said, "You need to join your Army and Navy. The F.O.I." Alfred said "Who?" Then guy said, " The Fruit Of Islam. The military training for the men of God." Alfred was then invited to a meeting for the Fruit Of Islam where he met so many brothers dressed up and they welcomed him into that brotherhood. Alfred learned how to sell newspapers, oils and incense.

Brother Alfred, CEO & Founder

Just like his father, Alfred paved his own way in life. He created his new family and settled in his new world. His family denounced him for converting to Islam but what they forgot so fast that Alfred had a huge void in his life that needed to be filled. Meeting the strange man on the street was his destiny. He was introduced to The Nation Of Islam and that became his family. They taught him how to dress, talk and eat. The Nation moulded him into the man he needed to be. Alfred changed his personality from Alfred B. Green to Alfred X, reborn into a new man. The new Alfred was strong, hardworking, community oriented and knew how to value women. He adapted quickly and became a devout member of the Nation of Islam. He read as many books as he could on all kinds of subjects. He developed a passion for counselling and offered therapy to folks with drug addictions and unemployment. He ably opened an Oils and Incense business, A Shoe Shine business, A poetry Café and became one of the best salesman at the Nation. At this point, Alfred filled that void hole with faith and the Nation family. He started a cleaning company and the idea to help fathers fight for their rights was birthed.

Based on what Alfred went through, you can see why he is passionate and determined to get the job done. There is no amount of consequences Alfred has not endured from having an unavailable father at home. As a father himself, it is understandable that you want your child or children to have a better life than you or the same as you. Just like you, I want to protect my children from falling into the same pitfall. There are times you are so traumatized and have episodes of severe depression but am here to be your safe space and pillar for healing. The National Saving Fatherhood Program is your path to happiness and resolution. Alfred is now a father to a precious son and daughter. Alfred is not just the founder and CEO of National Saving Fatherhood but he is also a client.