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اختر خطتك السعرية

  • 3 Session Pack

    3 sessions of coaching to meet your current life goals.
    سارٍ حتى 3 أشهر
    • Stand-up & Fight Online Course

      كل شهر
      +US$ 150 Classroom materials
      Fathers' helping fathers, be the best.
      سارٍ حتى 6 أشهر+ ٧ من الأيام مجانًا للتجربة
      • Fatherhood Classes: Education in tools needed to be the best
      • Fatherhood Law: Learn the law of the land, with us.
      • Fatherhood Financial: Let's look how really works for you.
      • Fatherhood planning: Next?? This your goals as a father.
    • Fatherhood Legal Package

      كل شهر
      +US$ 200 Materials / Paperwork
      Fathers' helping fathers, be the best.
      سارٍ حتى 12 أشهر
      • Legal Paperwork Aid
      • Custody law training
      • Federal and state law training
      • Payment an assistance with legal consultation
      • Fatherhood life Coaching & Mental Education
    • Lost and Found Program

      كل شهر
      +US$ 200 P.I. Setup fee
      "Helping you reconnect."
      • Background Checks
      • History
      • Monthly Reporting
      • Photo and online researching
      • Legal Updating
    • Fatherhood Support: Module 1

      كل أسبوع
      +US$ 65 Materials / Paperwork
      صالحة حتى 26 من الأسابيع
      • Online Classes/ Courses
      • You will have your own caseworker.
      • What is fatherhood?
      • Sharing your fatherhood story.
      • Fatherhood & personal devolvement
      • Fatherhood & Advocative
      • Navigating fatherhood chang
      • Fatherhood N scents of self?
      • Fatherhood Mastery N Maintain
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