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Thank You For Your Time & Service!

   Thank you for taking the time to sign up or at least looking to be a part of the fight to fight fatherless communities. It is your job to keep your ears open at all times and to help your community keep a balance in its homes. It will also be your job to support fellow officers who may be in need of this kind of service.

As an officer of the law, you are on the frontlines every day. So, you are the best weapon to stop the breaking of a family or a home. As a Fatherhood Ambassador, you can take extra steps on a call if see or hear a father or family is in need of our services. You will be able to determine if any of our programs are needed in any cases you are dealing with or have dealt with. With our programs, there is a "NO TIME STAMP" for when a person in your community may need us. The only cases we will not take are; Sexual Adduction, Sexual Assault, Abuse, or cases with child abuse. All Ambassador's must do a full background check, before submitting anyone to our programs, "NCIC" plus a letter of approval from you the officer & Fatherhood Ambassador. 

A letter of approval must have:


  1.  Name & and date of offense

  2. Officers Badge number, if have one. (If you do not have a badge number, please put down your rank and department.

  3.  If it's a Child Support Issue, You list how they own and how long have or haven't paid their support payments. Also, list why they haven't made their support payments.

  4.  Take information about this person's history and note if there are any mental illness issues we need to look for.

  5.  Also give in your own words, why you think this person would be great for our foundation's services. 400 words min & 1000 max.

  6.  Lastly, sign it and date it again. Then have the offender sign it and date it as well, agreeing to use our services.

  7.  Also, give them your contact information and NSF Co.'s Contact information. 

You are done. Please, remember all information given to NSF Co. is confidential and any information given is to only help make their life a little bit better. Most of the cases you may be looking for are child support payment issues or where the father is getting out of control and needs a father-to-father talk. Now, when it comes to in-house issues. Just, give the other officer our number and tell them to call us on our Fatherhood Hotline service 24/7.

junior Fatherhood Ambassador
police officer member

Jr. Ambassadors program

    Here you would go talk to schools and children's events, to talk to children about safety at home what to do, and who to call when their parents are fighting in the home. Also teach children, how to act when they don't feel safe or not loved. Who to call and what to say. We must help the children understand that it is not their fault and it is not because of them, that their parents are fighting. It always its a deeper reasoning for what's going on in their home. We need to make sure, we are not making minds think it's not okay, to fight in front of children. For they see, hear will become imbedded into their mental psyche for life and will get them in trouble in the future, You could stop that now, would you? will that's what this program is all about stopping it before it happens or fixing the aftermath of it all.

The Fun Facts:


  1. You can become famous with children and become "LOVE DADDY".

  2. You get to hand out gifts and maybe food to families in need.

  3. You will be able to get tips or other resources by being undercover, which lets people let their guard down and which lets people feel like talking more to you.

N.S.F. Officer's

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